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Kitesurf Course Fuerteventura

kitesurf FuerteventuraKitesurf Course Fuerteventura is a great choice to enjoy your sport week in Canary Islands!


The north of Fuerteventura is a good place to learn kite surfing: with the wind blowing most from north, Flag beach is a good spot to learn, since the wind is side shore to the beach.
Other good spots to practice kite surfing are Cotillo and the lagoons in the North Shore
We work with the best kite surf schools in Corralejo, to give you the opportunity to learn this great and fascinating sport, letting you choose the school you prefer according to your needs and budget
Prices for a 2 days beginner course (8hours) from 220€
Contact us to ask info about your kite course, we’ll be happy to help you!

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kite surf  Fuerteventura